Sell Your Coins

Dear Valued Customer:

We have cash to spend and are eager to purchase your coins! We are in need of sets, collections or individual coins and will pay strong prices for choice, quality, problem-free pieces. Here are 3 ways to sell your coins to us:

Outright Sale:

Need the money quickly? Try an outright sale. We review your coins and send out an immediate check for the quickest possible payment.
If calling locally, please dial 1-877-772-4245.

"Good Morning, We want to Thank You! I spent a lot of time and years putting together our bust half collection by date, variety, and rarity. Not the best, but what I could afford. We had two other offers that I laughed at. They wouldn't take into consideration the varieties or rarities, and just nit-picked my grading. I did go to grading classes - NGC in NH and received a 96 on completion. I thought I knew something. You were very honest with a decent price and didn't haggle me to death. Would surely use you and your firm again, and will recommend to anyone I can.
Thank you again.
Roy A. Christman.

Selling at Auction with Representation:

Want to try the auction route? It is best to move forward in this vein with experienced help to make sure you receive the best deal. We have years of experience in this venue and have had great success in helping our clients realize the highest possible prices realized for their collections. We have worked for several years with major rare coin auction firms, and are privy to the details of how a contract is negotiated. We can use this information to your advantage. Call us today at 1-877-772-4245 or email for our expert opinion as to how to sell your coins at auction.
We look forward to hearing from you and working with you to achieve the highest price possible for your individual coin or collection.


We frequently conduct appraisals for estates, trusts departments and personal collections. We are happy to appraise your coins, paper money, gold and silver bullion as well. Your holdings could qualify for an in-home visit. Please contact us to discuss this option. We also offer written appraisals for estate purposes. Please contact us for more details at 1-877-772-4245.