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We are back from a robust, action-packed, fun-filled trip to the FUN show in Florida with a boatload of new purchases.  To say business was brisk would be a dramatic understatement.

This show was easily our best in nearly three years, selling coins to collectors.  This is a good sign for the coin market when collectors are out in force and spending money.  Let's hope this is the start of a successful year for everyone!

This show was so busy we had 6 of our staff members waiting on customers on SATURDAY morning and Liz did not leave the table to look at coins in anyone's showcases throughout the entire show!!!   Unheard of for her--she is usually making the rounds at shows and buying up neat coins when she goes table to table, but this show was an exception due to the huge volume of business at the table.  Fortunately, a lot of collectors and dealers stopped by to see her at our table and she bought some great coins.

Not only did we buy a nice Mint State collection of Standing Liberty quarters from the Mike Hayes collection, we also picked up some nice, scarce and key date coins in all series.  Some highlights include,  a nice group of better date Barber quarters with a gorgeous, original 1909-O in VF-35 grade.  Additionally we picked up some nice Bust halves in the early dates and teens, and some better Barber halves and Walkers.  Right before leaving for the show, we received back a lovely run of middle and late date Large cents and middle grade, original, Liberty Seated halves from the Cruikshank collection including many New Orleans and San Francisco Mint issues.

When we returned from the show we came back to 9 packages from PCGS with HUNDREDS of coins from the Cruikshank Collection.  Please stay tuned as we get the coins catalogued and into inventory.  Liz is working feverishly to get these coins ready to offer to you.  We hope you will find it worth the wait. 

As always, NOW is the time to get your want list in to Gail BEFORE the new coins are uploaded to our website, so you will get first shot on pieces you need for your collection.  Contact her today either via phone at 1-877-772-4245 or email at gail@jjteaparty.com.

As always, trades are welcome and we would LOVE to buy your individuals coins or collection.  Call Liz to discuss your holdings. 

See a coin you need, but would appreciate a little time to pay for it?  Take advantage of our layaway program--don't let that coin get away that would fill a whole in your set.  Let us work with you.  Call or email gail@jjteaparty.com for details.

As always, we are grateful to you, our collecting friends, who make our business possible!

Happy Hunting,

Liz Coggan


Coin Show Schedule                                                 

May 16-18                                               Texas Numismatic Association                Arlington Convention Center                    Arlington, Texas

June 26-29                                           Whitman Coin & Collectibles                          Baltimore Convention Center                          Baltimore, MD                      Table #506     

August 5-9                                                ANA World's Fair of Money                        Rosemont Convention Center                        Chicago, IL

October 30-November 2nd                  Whitman Coin & Collectibles                          Baltimore Convention Center                          Baltimore, MD                       Table #506    




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