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Coin Market Report

As I write this Coin Market Report, I have just recently finished editing prices in the upcoming Red Book and have provided to the editors of that publication my take on the state of the rare coin market over the past year and where I believe it is trending.

Although prices have certainly weakened in just about every area across the board, I see this market as a real opportunity for the savvy dealer and collector who has money and market knowledge.

There are scores of good deals to be had out there:  Case in point, the silver commemorative market is the lowest I have seen it in decades and lovely coins can be had a fraction of their previous prices.  We have a nice offering of pieces that we purchased for that very reason.  Start building a set today while levels are incredibly low.

We are also able to obtain some nice collector, scarce and better date coins in the Barber half dollar series at our most recent buying trip in Chattanooga.  Many AU-58 graded pieces that are highly sought after by collectors today.

Another area that I have seen a little bit of a price correction is Capped Bust half dollars.  The coins are now trading at what is close to 25% off of their market high prices.  The coins are not getting any more common, but the prices are certainly favorable.  Perhaps now is the time to put a nice set together.  Let us help you!

My projections for the remainder of the year into the first quarter of next year, is that the market will be sluggish with many dealers and collectors unwilling to take short profits or even losses to move older inventory. Until the price guides reflect the true price levels, this thinking could prevail.  Those who have realized that things are softer are trying to do business at the new levels.  I recommend choosing to be part of the latter camp, not the former.  Face reality and move along and take advantage of better opportunities out there. 

If you visit our website often, you will have noticed the we repriced virtually the entire inventory a couple of weeks ago, to reflect the decline in prices.  WE WANT TO CONTINUE TO DO BUSINESS.

Please call if you see something of interest and be sure to send us your current want list.  Contact Gail toll-free at 1-877-772-4245.

Best wishes and Happy Hunting,

Liz Coggan


Coin Show Schedule    

March 26-28 2015                                   Whitman Coin and Collectibles            Baltimore Convention Ctr.                            Hall F&G                                           Baltimore, MD                                          Table #646   

April 16-18                                           Georgia Numismatic Association                    Dalton GA.

May 28-30                                               Texas Numismatic Association               Arlington, TX

June 3-6                                                   West Coast Buying Trip    

July 8-10                                                   Florida United Numismatist, Inc (FUN)                                  

July 16-19 2015                                   Whitman Coin and Collectibles            Baltimore Convention Ctr.                            Baltimore MD.                            Table #506

August 11-15 2015                                          ANA's World's Fair of Money                          Rosemont Convention Ctr.                                Chicago, IL

August 19-22                                              Blue Ridge Numismatic Association             Dalton, GA




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