AU-55 PCGS Small Eagle. Exceedingly desirable and highly sought-after in ANY grade. This small eagle issue had a short mintage of a mere 8,707 coins and is popular as the first year issue of the design type. This coin has a terrific strike with frosty accents on the devices. The fields are somewhat reflective and rich golden yellow in color. Free of any adjustment marks. Light scattered circulation marks are noted in the fields--commensurate with the grade. An awesome piece. From the Carya Collection.
AU-58 NGC Lg 8 13 Stars. Multiple die cracks on both the obverse and reverse. Die looks close to being terminal at this stage. Nice striking detail in spite of the die deterioration. Frosty mint bloom graces mark-free fields. Just some honest wear throughout. From the Carya Collection.
AU-58 NGC Frosty mint bloom and frost grace needle sharp devices. Somewhat reflective fields add to the eye appeal. Choice in every way. From the Carya Collection.
AU-58 PCGS Needle sharp, heavily frosted design elements are surrounded by flashy, highly lustrous fields. Bold overdate. Great eye appeal. Pleasing type or date set collection addition. From the Carya Collection.
AU-58 PCGS Frosty luster is a nice highlight to fully struck motifs. A few light adjustment marks are well concealed in Liberty's cap. Great eye appeal and quality.
MS-62 PCGS Full mint bloom and luster grace satinlike fields. Exceptionally well struck motifs are graced by mint frost. Free of adjustment marks. Small planchet clip at 1:00 o'clock on the reverse. A lovely addition to a high grade type set.
MS-62-+ NGC Just 2 MS-62+ graded coins--one NGC and one PCGS. This coin has blazing luster and tons of flash. The design elements are struck to full advantage. Free of adjustment marks. Heavy obverse die clashing and a couple of large die cracks are part of the allure of this lovely piece. From the Carya Collection.
MS-63-CAC PCGS Rd 6 7x6 Stars. CAC stickered. Outstanding, original, frosty fields exhibit full mint bloom. Gorgeous eye appeal with wisps of orange peel toning adding to the aesthetics. Terrific, crisp, design details. A prize for the fussy collector. From the Carya Collection.
MS-62 NGC Capped. Lovely orange peel toning is a great offset to rich golden fields. Highly lustrous and frosty. Well struck devices. A couple of scuffs in the fields are what keep this from a higher grade classification. Pretty. From the Carya Collection.
MS-62 NGC Frosty luster is present throughout. Keenly struck devices. Nice eye appeal. A couple of light adjustment marks are noted in the denticles beneath the 9 and to the right of the date. Bold overdate. From the Carya Collection.
AU-58 NGC Lg Date Lg 5. Rich, orange peel toning accents frosty, lustrous fields and sharply struck motifs. Some light adjustment marks are noted in the reverse shield. From the Carya Collection.
MS-62 PCGS Sm 5. Outstanding mint bloom, luster and frost are present over clean fields toned in a halo of orange peel iridescence. Great strike. Pleasantly free of adjustment marks. LOVELY! From the Carya Collection.
MS-63 PCGS A popular transitional, first year issue of the Turban Head design. This coin has virtually immaculate fields surrounding razor sharp design elements. Full mint frost and bloom accent clean fields. Wisps of orange peel toning add to the overall eye appeal. Really choice and sure to delight! From the Carya Collection.
VF-35-CAC PCGS CAC stickered. Sharp motifs are surrounded by clean fields with traces of mint frost throughout. Scarce, low mintage issue. Very clean and choice for the assigned grade.
AU-55 PCGS Boldly struck design elements are enhanced by mint frost. Great eye appeal and quality. Nice cartwheel luster.
AU-58 PCGS Exceptional strike and detail. Original orange peel highlights grace lustrous fields. Frosty accents throughout. Very choice .
VF-30 PCGS Perfect for the grade! So tough to find nice in any grade. This coin has it all. Well struck, lustrous and wisps of mint frost in protected areas. Just 17,000 pieces struck of this issue. Hurry, she won't last. Pop of just 2 for the grade at PCGS.
AU-50 PCGS Well struck motifs are surrounded by frosty luster. Nice cartwheel effect. Scarce and desirable in all grades. Choice and sure to please,.
AU-55 PCGS Always popular and highly sought after Carson City Mint issue. This piece has tons of luster, a great strike and superb eye appeal. Low mintage date.
MS-62 PCGS Tough to find nice and this coin is a beauty! Fully struck with frosty accents and tinges of orange peel toning. Lovely.