1918 Lincoln
MS-64 PCGS A splash of amber toning under Lincoln's bust is noted, otherwise, frosty white. Well struck. From the Guilford Collection.
1925 California
MS-66 PCGS Satiny cartwheel luster. Blazing brilliance.
1925-S California
MS-64 PCGS Dazzling luster and brilliance. White.
1935 Arkansas
MS-66 PCGS Frosty white over satiny smooth fields. Sharp. Nice eye appeal.
1938 Arkansas PDS Set
MS-64-CAC PCGS CAC stickered. A lovely, fresh, original, frosty set with great eye appeal. Brilliant. The P and S mints are both MS-64 grade CAC and the D mint is MS-63 CAC. Sure to please.
1938 Oregon
MS-66 PCGS A pretty tinge of pale golden orange toning graces frosty fields. Satiny luster throughout.
1938-D Arkansas
MS-66 PCGS Tough issue and a lovely example with full mint bloom gracing sharp devices and satiny smooth fields. Brilliant.