1893 Columbian
MS-63 NGC Satiny and white.
1920 Maine
MS-65 NGC Toned in soft lilac and gold hues over highly lustrous, frosty fields. Sharp details. Very pretty.
1920 Maine
MS-66 PCGS Satiny fields are graced by blazing white luster. Sharp devices and great aesthetic appeal.
1920 Pilgrim
MS-64 PCGS Satiny fields are blazing white. Bold strike.
1921 Missouri 2x4
MS-64 PCGS 2x4. A scarce and desirable issue in the series, this coin has sharp devices and full cartwheel luster over satiny smooth fields. Wisps of light toning add to the overall appeal.
1922 Grant
MS-64 PCGS White and lustrous.
1925 Lexington
MS-66 PCGS Frosty, white and highly lustrous. Boldly struck devices.
1925 Lexington
MS-66 PCGS Immaculate fields exhibit mint bloom and luster. White and flashy. Well struck.
1925-S California
MS-66 PCGS Dazzling cartwheel luster and mint bloom accent clean fields. Toned in wisps of champagne gold. Choice.
1925-S California
MS-66 PCGS Wisps of light pastel toning grace bold motifs and highly lustrous fields.
1927 Vermont
MS-66 PCGS Rich fiery orange and gold toning graces frosty, original surfaces. Highly lustrous and well struck.
1934 Maryland
MS-66 PCGS Creamy luster and mint bloom accent immaculate fields. Sharp devices. Superb eye appeal.
1934 Texas
MS-67 PCGS Boldly struck devices are graced by frosty white luster. Clean fields. Nice eye appeal.
1936 Albany
MS-64 PCGS Satiny smooth and eye appealing. Dazzling full mint bloom and luster. White.
1936 Cleveland
MS-65 PCGS Satiny fields surround sharp motifs.
1936 Elgin
MS-65-CAC PCGS CAC stickered. Frosty cartwheel luster throughout. Sharp strike.
1936 Long Island
MS-66 PCGS Frosty white luster. Clean fields and devices.
1936 Wisconsin
MS-66 PCGS Satiny fields are free of distracting marks. Blast white luster. Sharp.
1936 York
MS-66 PCGS Frosty cartwheel luster. Blast white. Well struck.
1936 York
MS-67 PCGS Blazing mint bloom and frost over immaculate surfaces. Well struck. Very nice.
1936-S Bay Bridge
MS-66 PCGS Frosty luster graces satiny smooth surfaces. Bold devices. No marks.
1936-S Boone
MS-67 PCGS Immaculate fields are white and satinlike and are a pretty accent to well struck motifs. Choice.
1937-D Oregon
MS-67 PCGS Better date. Frosty and blast white luster. Well struck. Satiny surfaces.
1938 Arkansas PDS Set
MS-64-CAC PCGS CAC stickered. A lovely, fresh, original, frosty set with great eye appeal. Brilliant. The P and S mints are both MS-64 grade CAC and the D mint is MS-63 CAC. Sure to please.
1938 Oregon
MS-67 PCGS Frosty luster is present over immaculate fields. Keenly struck and eye appealing. White.
1938-D Arkansas
MS-66 PCGS Tough issue and a lovely example with full mint bloom gracing sharp devices and satiny smooth fields. Brilliant.
1938-D Oregon
MS-67 PCGS Satiny mint bloom and brilliance. Well struck.
1953 Washington-Carver
MS-65 PCGS Frosty white luster. Sharp details. Clean fields.