MS-63-DMPL NGC DMPL. Fully struck devices are enhanced by mint frost. Mostly white with just a whisper of vibrant iridescent halo toning. Pretty. From the Guilford Collection.
MS-65 PCGS Deep fiery orange and gold toning are present over highly lustrous, frosty fields. Sharp motifs.
MS-62 PCGS A halo of electric blue and lilac toning offsets sharp motifs. Nice hair definition above Miss Liberty's ear. Satiny luster. A tough date to find well struck in all Mint State grades.
VF-35 PCGS Nice design details remain. Luster is noted in protected areas. Lightly toned.
VF-35 PCGS Sharp motifs. Rich, pearl gray toning graces clean fields. Very choice for the assigned grade and a scarce issue in the series.
MS-62 PCGS Boldly struck devices are surrounded by lustrous fields. Wisps of champagne gold toning add to the appeal. A semi-key date in the series.
MS-65 PCGS Exceptional strike, mint bloom and frost. Dazzling cartwheel luster. Wisps of light halo toning add to the originality and eye appeal. Tough issue.
AU-58 PCGS Scarce as the proverbial hen's tooth, especially flashy, white and well struck like this piece. Hurry, she won't last.