PR-58-CAC PCGS J-60 Gobrecht Restrike. CAC stickered. Die Alignment IV. The restrike issues struck from the 1850s through 1870s were not official issues. They have two differing die alignments, either III which is a coin turn or alignment IV which is a medal turn, with the eagle flying level. Razor sharp motifs are surrounded by deeply mirrored fields exhibiting hints of light toning. There is some light spotting in the right obverse field. Virtually devoid of any contact marks.
AU-58 NGC Pretty ice blue, fiery orange and violet toning accents highly lustrous fields. Well struck motifs. A pleasing example of the issue.
EF-40 PCGS PQ. Should have graded EF-45 in our opinion. Everything you want in a nice type coin--bold strike, lustrous surfaces, originality, and eye appeal.
EF-40 PCGS Better date and underrated issue. Sharp motifs are surrounded by well preserved, soft pearl gray fields.
AU-55-+ PCGS +. Pop 1 with the + designation for the grade. Superb, bold strike. Rich frosty luster is toned in soft gray hues. Really choice and sure to please.
AU-58 NGC Frosty, keenly struck motifs are surrounded by reflective fields graced by golden highlights. Great eye appeal and a lovely addition to a high grade set.
VF-35 PCGS Looks EF. Fully struck devices. Rich, pearl gray fields. Eye appealing. Pleasing type set addition.
AU-55 PCGS One of just 40,000 coins minted this year and a lovely, high-end example. Fully struck design elements are surrounded by brilliant fields that are semi-prooflike. Wisps of light golden toning add to the eye appeal.
EF-40 NGC Nice detail and surface quality. Soft silver gray toning adds to the eye appeal of this elusive issue. A date we have not handled for a while.
EF-40 NGC A tough New Orleans Mint issue. This coin is frosty white with well struck design elements and nice luster throughout. Even wear, but happily devoid of digs and scratches.
AU-55 PCGS A very tough, low mintage, highly sought-after date in the series. The devices are razor sharp and accented by frost. The fields are somewhat reflective and toned in splashes of gold and pale orange hues with tinges of steel gray throughout. Pop of a mere 16 coins for the grade at PCGS.
AU-50 PCGS OC-4. Subdued luster is toned in splashes of pale orange and steel gray. Sharp motifs.
VG-8 PCGS A scarce and underrated San Francisco Mint issue in the series and a choice example. Sharp motifs, even, honest wear throughout. Clean fields. Richly toned in gunmetal blue and gray hues with gold accents.
AU-53 PCGS One of just 13 coins for the grade at PCGS and a very difficult issue to find in this nice state of preservation. Dazzling brilliance. Superb strike. A prized issue among Seated Dollar collectors.
EF-40 PCGS Great strike for the grade and frosty accents on the devices. Mostly brilliant with just a trace of golden toning. A very tough Civil War date in any grade.
EF-45 PCGS Satiny luster is graced by pretty pale golden orange overtones over steel gray fields. Sharply struck motifs. A tough Civil War date and a popular, low mintage issue. One of just 13 coins for the grade at PCGS.
AU-55-CAC PCGS CAC stickered. A highly prized Civil War date in the series and particularly desirable with the CAC sticker. This lovely piece is attractively toned in soft pastel hues over lustrous, soft gray fields. Razor sharp motifs are enhanced by mint frost. Sure to please the fussiest collector.
EF-45 PCGS OC-4 Bar 6. Bold design details are surrounded by brilliant, flashy fields. Lustrous. One of just 46,000 pieces coined this year.
EF-40 PCGS Spots of toning on the obverse. Lustrous fields surround keenly struck devices. Well struck. Housed in an old green PCGS holder. From the Guilford Collection.
AU-55 PCGS Pleasing for the grade. Keenly struck. Toned in rich pearl gray hues with gunmetal blue accents. Pleasing type set addition.
AU-53 NGC Blushes of ice blue and gold toning grace soft silver gray fields. Highly lustrous and well struck. Pleasing type set addition
VF-20 PCGS An ever popular issue in the Seated dollar series and a highly sought after, Carson City mint date. Clean, rose and pearl gray fields are a nice accent to keenly defined motifs. A mere 7 pieces for the grade at PCGS. Only 1,376 coin were minted.
AU-50 PCGS Frosty luster is present over well struck motifs. Blazing brilliance. A desirable and low mintage, San Francisco Mint issue.
AU-55 PCGS Boldly struck devices are graced by highly lustrous fields which are toned in soft golden hues. Terrific quality and eye appeal. Really choice. A mere 9,000 pieces were coined this year.
AU-50 PCGS Considered by many to be a "type coin", but I would disagree and say, hardly! This coin used to be plentiful around 15 years ago, but no longer. Much tougher than its 1871 and 1872 counterparts. This coin is sharply struck, frosty and lustrous and blast white. Nice.