AU-50 PCGS SE 15 Stars. The companion coin to the 13 Stars issue of the same year. This piece has subdued luster that is toned in pearl gray hues with gold accents. Well defined design elements. No adjustment marks or contact marks of any kind are noted--just honest wear on the high points. Richly toned in iridescent hues over steel gray fields. A choice coin for the specialist.
VF-30 ANACS Nicely struck and centered devices are surrounded by pearl gray toned fields. A couple of light marks are noted in the right obverse field. Nice type set addition.
VG-8 PCGS B-9. Even, honest wear. The only mark is a bagmark on the tail feathers. Well centered and struck. Lightly toned.
EF-45-CAC PCGS B-3 15 Stars Reverse. CAC stickered. Outstanding satiny mint bloom and luster are present over clean fields and needle sharp design elements. Toned in gorgeous pastel iridescent overtones over pearl gray fields. Superb in every regard! WOW.
EF-45 NGC B-1. A perfect, problem-free example of this issue that we have not handled for a while. Fully struck devices are surrounded by highly lustrous fields toned in golden and ice blue hues. Really eye appealing and choice. No adjustment marks.