MS-63 PCGS A perennial favorite among collectors as a difficult date to obtain in nice conditions of EF or finer. This coin has it all--lovely mint bloom and luster, a great, crisp strike and choice surfaces. Brilliant.
VF-20 PCGS MM on Reverse. Sharp motifs. Clean, steel gray fields. Nice.
VF-30   Nice originality. Sharp motifs. Pearl gray fields.
VF-20 PCGS Soft steel gray toning over clean fields. Nice detail.
VF-25 PCGS Sharp strike. Toned in even, steel gray hues. Nice,
VF-25 PCGS Rich pearl gray toning graces problem-free surfaces. Nice design detail remains.
AU-50 PCGS Brilliant, lustrous and eye appealing.
MS-64 PCGS Dazzling mint bloom and luster over satiny smooth surfaces. Boldly defined motifs. Great eye appeal.
AU-55 PCGS Frosty luster is enhanced by a trace of champagne gold toning. Bold strike.
F-12 PCGS Scarce and desirable. Sharp devices. Steel gray fields.
VF-20 PCGS Pearl gray fields. Sharp motifs.
AU-55 NGC Flashy luster graces keenly struck design details. Pretty gold and rose overtones. Choice.
AU-58-CAC PCGS CAC. Wow, what a lovely example of this key issue. Outstanding strike, luster and frost. Full mint bloom throughout. Sure to please the fussy collector. A prized addition to an Everyman Registry Collection.
EF-40 PCGS Full drapery line under the bust and sharp design details throughout. Highly lustrous and eye appealing. A key date in the series and a choice example for the advanced collector.
VF-30-CAC PCGS CAC stickered. Sharply struck motifs are graced by very choice, and mark-free fields toned in soft silver gray hues. Super high end for the grade with terrific eye appeal. Sure to please.
AU-55 NGC Terrific, bold strike. Frosty mint bloom is present over satiny smooth fields. Blazing white luster. Really choice. A date that is hard to find in this grade.
MS-63 NGC An impossible coin to find nice. This blast white, frosty, well struck coin is sure to delight!
MS-64 PCGS Keenly struck with separation of the thumb and hand. Flashy cartwheel luster is enhanced by fiery orange and gold halo toning. Frosty accents on the devices. Pleasing in every way.
MS-65 PCGS Champagne gold toning is present over flashy luster and mint bloom. Sharp motifs. Nice eye appeal.
MS-65 NGC Superb, full strike. Frosty luster is blast white and present over satiny smooth fields. Great eye appeal and quality. From the Guilford Collection.
MS-65 NGC Bold strike. Blast white luster over satiny, clean fields. Nice. From the Guilford Collection.