VF-20 PCGS Reverse of 1839. WB-102. Softly toned. Sharp details.
VF-20 PCGS Reverse of 1839. Sharp devices. Soft silver gray fields.
AU-53 NGC A crusty, original, well struck example of this elusive issue. Superb, bold strike. Rich, pearl gray overtones.
AU-58 PCGS Lg O WB-5 R-3. Razor sharp strike. Full mint bloom and frost over clean fields. Blast white. Pretty. Tough to find nice.
F-12 ANACS WB-10. Even pearl gray toning over clean fields. Sharp strike. Pleasing.
F-15 PCGS WB-102. Nice detail. Attractively toned. Popular New Orleans Mint issue.
VF-30 NGC WB-101 WB-5. Sharp devices. Even pearl gray hues over clean fields.
AU-58 PCGS Medium Date. Outstanding strike. Frosty accents over lustrous and fields and on the devices. Wisps of champagne gold toning add to the overall eye appeal.
VF-25 PCGS WB-103. One of just 4 coins for the grade at PCGS. Sharp motifs are surrounded by evenly toned, pearl gray fields. Pleasing.
AU-50 PCGS Medium Date. A original, well struck, lustrous and eye appealing example with lovely pale golden orange toning throughout. Choice in every way.
AU-50 PCGS Med Date. Frosty mint bloom accents well struck motifs. Toned in soft silver gray hues with ice blue and gold accents.
MS-62 PCGS A&R. Sharply defined design details are enhanced by frosty luster. Toned in soft golden hues. A popular one-year-only type coin.
EF-45 PCGS A&R. Popular New Orleans Mint issue. This coin is totally original and eye appealing with soft gray fields surrounding and accenting well struck motifs. Sure to please.
AU-55-CAC PCGS Arrows. CAC stickered. Frosty, lustrous and well struck. A nice type set addition with pretty soft golden and pale orange overtones. Pleasing in every regard.
AU-55 NGC Arrows. Gorgeous halo toning accents highly lustrous fields. Keenly struck devices. Great aesthetic appeal.
VF-35 PCGS Arrows. A scarce and desirable issue. This coin is original with pearl gray fields being accented by soft pastel overtones. Sharp design details. One of just 5 pieces for the grade at PCGS.
AU-53 PCGS Frosty luster is lightly toned and accents well struck devices. Pretty.
AU-50 NGC Frosty luster is accented by a trace of pastel toning. Sharp devices. Nice.
PR-63-CAC PCGS CAC stickered. Housed in an old green PCGS holder. Choice for the grade with a lovely strike and full mint frost on the devices. The fields are highly reflective, well preserved and toned in pretty gold and pale orange hues. Sure to please.
AU-50 NGC WB-9 R-3. Fully struck and eye appealing with light steel gray toning accenting lustrous fields.
EF-40 ICG Sharp motifs are surrounded by lustrous, soft gray fields. Great eye appeal.
EF-45 PCGS A halo of pale golden orange toning accents satiny fields. Sharply defined design elements. Choice.
EF-40 NGC WB-3. Great strike. Lustrous fields are toned in pearl gray hues.
VF-35 PCGS WB-103. Richly toned over satiny smooth fields. Bold strike. Original.
VF-30 PCGS WM. Great strike, luster, color and eye appeal. Claims to EF.
AU-53 PCGS Tinges of golden toning are toned over satiny smooth fields. Well defined devices. Better date. Popular San Francisco Mint issue. One of just 7 coins for the grade at PCGS.
AU-53 PCGS Frosty cartwheel luster is enhanced by a halo of fiery orange toning. Boldly struck devices. Nice.
PR-63 PCGS Highly mirrored fields surround well struck, frosty devices and are toned in pretty magenta and electric blue hues around the periphery.
F-15 NGC The perfect piece for the grade. Sharply struck devices. Very clean, soft gray fields are enhanced by dusty rose overtones. Choice in every way.
F-15 PCGS Perfect for the grade. Keenly struck motifs are surrounded by mostly brilliant fields. Scarce and highly desirable in all grades. Low mintage issue.
PR-64 PCGS Vibrant electric blue and fiery orange toning are a lovely halo to deeply mirrored fields. Well struck frosty devices. Very pretty and choice.
VF-25 PCGS Wow, what a great coin! Terrific strike with nice detail on the obverse shield. Lovely, soft gray fields are graced by traces of mint bloom. A tough and highly sought after Carson City Mint issue. Pop of just 6 for the grade at PCGS.
VG-8 PCGS WB-9. Very clean fields--free of marks or scratches--just honest wear throughout. Full rims and sharp details. Lightly toned in steel gray hues.
VF-30 PCGS Arrows Quadrupled Lines. Pretty rainbow halo toning. Sharp devices. Popular variety.
VG-8 PCGS Arrows. WB-3 Strong design details remain. Full rims. Pleasing, light pearl gray toning throughout. Scarce and eye appealing. Nice.
MS-62 NGC Lovely satinlike mint bloom and luster is graced by gorgeous ice blue, sea foam green and gold toning. Well struck.
AU-53 PCGS Flashy cartwheel luster and frost are graced by wisps of champagne gold toning. Well struck.
F-12 PCGS Toned in pearl gray hues over clean fields. Popular Carson City Mint issue.
AU-58 NGC Outstanding strike and luster. Deep fiery orange and rose toning are a pretty accent. Well struck. Repunched S MM.
EF-40 PCGS Rich pearl gray toning over sharp devices. Clean fields.
VF-30 PCGS One of just 7,045 business strikes coined this year. Sharp devices are graced by hints of frosty luster and pretty, soft gray toning.
PR-45 PCGS One of just 975 Proofs coined this year. Sharp and frosty motifs. Lightly toned fields. Popular issue.
PR-66-CAM PCGS CAMEO. Wow, what a beauty! Lilac and ice blue halo toning grace deeply reflective fields which are remarkably free of defects. Heavy mint frost highlights needle sharp devices. So pretty!
AU-55 PCGS A lovely example of this low mintage issue with fully struck design elements surrounded by richly toned fields. Choice and sure to please. One of a mere 6 coins for the grade at PCGS.
EF-45 PCGS Flashy luster is toned in rich golden and pearl gray hues. Boldly struck design elements. A low mintage issue and a pleasing example. Pop of just 9 for the grade at PCGS
PR-64-CAM PCGS CAMEO. CAC stickered. Dazzling electric blue and fiery orange toning creates a lovely halo effect for highly reflective surfaces. Sharp and frosty devices.
MS-64 PCGS Outstanding strike and luster. Full mint bloom throughout. One of just 11,289 business strikes coined this year. Choice.