VF-25 PCGS O-101 Lg 3. Clean, mostly brilliant surfaces--just a hint of light halo toning--complement bold motifs. Pleasing type set addition.
VF-25 PCGS O-111 R-3. A really choice example of the date and issue. Toned in gunmetal blue and pearl gray hues over well struck and centered design details. Problem-free and sure to delight the new owner. Tougher to find nice than the 1803 and 1806, but priced comparably.
F-12 PCGS O-115a Pt 6 Stems. Electric blue, gold and steel gray toning accent well preserved fields. Typical strike weakness centrally, for the variety.
VF-20 PCGS O-105 Knob 6 Lg Stars. Softly toned. Well struck. Clean fields. Pleasing type set addition.
VF-20 PCGS O-112 6/Inverted 6. A prized issue in the series in all grades. This coin is a remarkably nice example of a VF-20 grade, in fact, it looks better than the grade. Tinges of luster are present in protected areas. The fields are softly toned in golden hues and surround keenly struck motifs. Hurry on this great piece.
VF-20 PCGS O-109 Pt 6 No Stem. Attractive, soft rainbow toning over clean fields. Well struck design elements. Nice eye appeal.
VF-25 PCGS O-115 Pt 6 Stems. Original, soft gray fields are devoid of marks and are a nice accent to sharply struck motifs. Really nice. Hurry on this choice example.
VF-20 PCGS O-102. The surfaces and color on this coin are terrific. Sharp details. Popular overdate in the series.