VF-20 PCGS S-87 Liberty Cap. Gorgeous planchet quality. Soft brown fields surround and accent sharply rendered design elements. Better than average detail on the date. All the digits are visible with just a hint of weakness on the 6. Very premium quality for this notoriously weak and plagued with problems issue.
AU-55 PCGS 2nd Hair Style. Rotated reverse. Tinges of ice blue and red grace highly lustrous, glossy, medium brown fields. Well defined design details. No digs, scratches or spots. Just superb eye appeal! Sure to delight the new owner.
AG-3 PCGS Nearly full lettering on the reverse. Full LIBERTY. All of the digits of the date are visible but there is weakness on the bottom of the digits. Nice, even, brown planchet. Free of problems or rim issues. A key date in the series.
VF-30 PCGS S-270. Great strike. Frosty luster is present throughout. Rich brown color. Well centered design details. From the Guilford Collection.
F-15 PCGS SD. A wonderful, problem-free example of this popular Classic Head design type. Chocolate brown fields are free of corrosion or porosity and accent well struck and centered design elements.
VF-30 PCGS SD. Superb planchet stock--soft brown in color and remarkably devoid of defects. Great strike and centering of the motifs. Sure to delight the new owner.
VG-10 PCGS Sm Date. Very clean, mark-free fields are soft brown in color, which is unusual for Classic Head large cent planchets. Bold motifs are nicely centered on the planchet.
AU-55 NGC N-8 Small Date. Full mint bloom over satiny smooth fields. Well struck motifs. Lovely, glossy brown color. Very choice for the grade.
F-12 PCGS Bold overdate and nice device details remain. Pleasing and well preserved, chocolate brown fields. A tough issue in the series and in high demand in all grades.
AU-55 PCGS LL. Frosty luster graces gorgeous, rich tan fields. Great strike. Devoid of marks. Very pleasing.
AU-53 PCGS N-11 Head of 1838. Satiny fields are highly lustrous. Nice detail. Glossy brown.
AU-58 PCGS Med Letters. Bold strike. Gorgeous chestnut brown color with satiny luster throughout. Very high end for the grade.
EF-40 PCGS N-10. Head of 1838. Chocolate brown fields are nicely preserved. Sharp devices.
AU-53-BN NGC Glossy, light brown fields are free of spots or defects. Well defined devices. Better date. From the Guilford Collection.
AU-55 PCGS Lg Date. Gorgeous surfaces and planchet quality. Soft brown color throughout. Satiny luster. Well struck.
AU-58 PCGS LD. Gorgeous, warm brown fields are highly lustrous and complement sharply defined motifs. A very thin scratch is noted above part of the date for accuracy--not visible without a glass.
AU-50 PCGS N-1. Sharp motifs are surrounded by rich brown fields. Frosty luster.
EF-45 PCGS Well struck. Soft brown fields.
AU-55 PCGS SD. Well defined design details are accented by chestnut brown fields. Choice and problem-free.
AU-50 PCGS Brassy brown and ice blue toning over sharp devices. Pleasing type set addition.
AU-58 PCGS N-29. Faded mint red graces boldly struck devices and satiny smooth, soft brown fields. Great eye appeal.
EF-40 PCGS Lustrous, glossy brown color. Sharp strike.
MS-61-BN NGC N-5. Frosty luster graces chestnut brown fields. Boldly struck devices. From the Guilford Collection.
MS-62-BN PCGS BN. Lustrous fields are accented by soft brown color. Well struck. Pleasing type set addition.
MS-64-BN NGC BN. Mint bloom and luster are present over satinlike fields. Rich brown color. Great eye appeal and quality. From the Guilford Collection.