VF-25 NGC S-185 2nd Hair Style. Outstanding eye appeal. Lovely, soft brown fields. Sharp motifs are nicely centered on the planchet. Perfect type set addition. From the Guilford Collection.
VF-30 PCGS S-270. Great strike. Frosty luster is present throughout. Rich brown color. Well centered design details. From the Guilford Collection.
AU-53 PCGS S-295 Plain 4. Super nice planchet stock, especially for this year as much of the copper came from England to make these pieces and was corroded by salt water air and water on the passage over. Well struck and centered devices.
MS-62-BN NGC Spot-free and perfect! Frosty cartwheel luster is a lovely soft brown with faded red accents. Keenly struck. Very choice. From the Guilford Collection.
VF-25 PCGS N-2. Warm brown fields surround sharp motifs. Pleasing. Better date.
AU-53 NGC N-6. Lovely, glossy, chestnut brown fields surround sharp motifs. Nice eye appeal.
AU-53-BN NGC Glossy, light brown fields are free of spots or defects. Well defined devices. Better date. From the Guilford Collection.
MS-64-BN NGC N-41. Great strike. Lustrous. Soft brown surfaces.
MS-61-BN NGC N-5. Frosty luster graces chestnut brown fields. Boldly struck devices. From the Guilford Collection.
MS-64-BN PCGS Tinges of faded mint red add to the overall eye appeal of this frosty, rich brown piece. Great strike and quality. From the Guilford Collection.
AU-50 PCGS Chestnut brown color. Bold motifs. From the Guilford Collection.
MS-64-BN NGC BN. Mint bloom and luster are present over satinlike fields. Rich brown color. Great eye appeal and quality. From the Guilford Collection.
MS-65-RB NGC N-6 Upright 5. RB. Incredibly nice eye appeal. Faded mint red is present over light brown fields which exhibit full mint bloom and frost. Well struck. Spot-free.