AU-50 ANACS T-I. Original and well struck. Toned in soft steel gray hues.
AU-58-FH PCGS T-I. FH. Fully struck and frosty. Toned in pale orange and gold hues over steel gray fields.
AU-53 PCGS Super nice for the assigned grade with a full, bold date, strong design elements and tons of luster throughout. Blast white. Really nice.
F-15 ANACS Terrific eye appeal, originality and strike for the grade. Bold date and design elements are surrounded by clean fields toned in rich pearl gray hues. A choice example for the quality conscious collector.
AU-53-FH PCGS FH. Outstanding strike, luster and eye appeal. Wisps of pale orange and gold toning add to the aesthetics. Bold date and shield. Pop of just 5 for the grade at PCGS.
AU-55-FH NGC FH. Sharp motifs are surrounded by frosty mint bloom. White.
AU-50 ANACS Superb, original, mint bloom and frost are graced by soft silver gray overtones. Very keenly struck with a nice strong date and design elements. Key date and terrific example.
MS-62-FH PCGS FH. Outstanding strike. Bold date and head. Frosty fields are toned in soft silver gray and gold hues. Nice.
AU-55-CAC PCGS CAC stickered. Rich amber and gold toning grace fully struck design elements. Frosty luster throughout. Original and fresh..
EF-45 PCGS Bold strike and design elements. Desirable issue. Frosty fields are toned in soft golden hues. Nice.
MS-64 PCGS Blazing brilliance and luster. Satiny surfaces. Better than average strike for the issue. The head has definition instead of the typical pancake.