VF-25 PCGS B-1 R-5 Lg O. Scarce variety and an eye appealing, well struck example. Traces of luster are noted in protected areas. Rich golden toning is present throughout.
F-12 PCGS Steel gray fields are accented by rose toning highlights. Sharp design details. A pleasing type or date set addition.
F-12 PCGS Mark-free fields exhibit pearl gray toning and honest wear. The devices are nicely centered and exhibit crisp detail for the grade. Tough date.
VF-30 PCGS Nice detail for the grade. Soft gray fields are nicely preserved. Pleasing for a type set.
AU-50 PCGS B-2. Sharp motifs. Satinlike fields are toned in gold and pearl gray hues. Nice type set addition.
AU-55 NGC B-7. Looks AU-58 or better in terms of strike. Subdued luster is toned in rich steel gray hues. Ice blue and gold accents are noted throughout. Pleasing.
AU-55 NGC B-1. Great strike. Rich pearl gray, rose and gold toning are present throughout. Satiny luster. Nice type set addition.
EF-40 PCGS B-3. Original and choice. Well struck motifs are surrounded by clean fields toned in even, pearl gray hues. Nice type set addition.