VF-25 PCGS A perennial favorite among collectors as the first year issue for the Capped Bust design type. Pretty gunmetal blue, rose and gold toning grace the fields. Boldly defined motifs. Pleasing.
VF-25 PCGS A choice example of the issue with fabulous eye appeal. Keenly struck devices are accented by pearl gray fields toned in ice blue and gold overtones. Really pretty.
VF-20 PCGS Lg O. Nice design details are enhanced by clean fields toned in soft pearl gray hues. A choice example of this issue.
VF-25 PCGS B-4 Sm O. Rainbow halo toning accents frosty fields. Looks nicer than the assigned grade. Sharp devices.
VF-25 PCGS Sharply defined motifs and the legend on the banner is crisp and complete. Toned in soft gray hues with gold accents. Some obverse scratches are noted in left field for accuracy.
AU-53 NGC B-1. Wow, what a lovely, original, well struck piece. Frosty luster is toned in rich pearl gray hues. No unsightly marks or problems. Sure to please.
EF-40 PCGS Terrific, bold strike. Toned in steel gray hues over clean fields. Better date in the series.
F-12 PCGS Steel gray fields are accented by rose toning highlights. Sharp design details. A pleasing type or date set addition.
EF-40-CAC PCGS B-2. CAC stickered. A perfect, original, well struck, attractively toned example of the issue. A pleasing addition to any type set. No digs or scratches--just a hint of rub on the high points. Sure to please.
VF-30 PCGS B-2. Satiny fields exhibit rich gray and gold toning. The devices display sharp detail. Pleasing type set addition.
VF-25 PCGS Pretty pearl gray and gold toning over satiny fields. Sharply struck. A few scattered obverse and reverse marks are noted.
AU-55 NGC B-7. Looks AU-58 or better in terms of strike. Subdued luster is toned in rich steel gray hues. Ice blue and gold accents are noted throughout. Pleasing.
VF-25 PCGS B-3 R-4+. Better variety. Original and eye appealing. Soft steel gray toning over sharp motifs.
EF-40 PCGS B-3. Original and choice. Well struck motifs are surrounded by clean fields toned in even, pearl gray hues. Nice type set addition.