MS-68-* NGC * FB. Pop 1 for the grade at NGC! Rich, vibrant rainbow toning over satiny mint bloom and frost. Bold strike. Wow!!! A prize for the specialist. From the Cambridge Cabinet
MS-64-FB PCGS FB. Lustrous and well struck. Satiny mint bloom. White.
MS-65-FB PCGS FB. Clean fields and design elements are highly lustrous. Well struck motifs. Wisps of light golden toning lend to the originality. Lovely.
MS-65-FSB PCGS FSB. Blast white over creamy, mark-free fields. Well struck motifs. Terrific quality and eye appeal.
MS-65-FB PCGS FB. A choice, original example of this elusive issue with the Full Band designation. Wisps of amber halo toning accent frosty fields. Bold strike.
AU-55-DET NGC Housed in an NGC Genuine holder due to improper cleaning. Exceptionally well struck. Toned in steel gray hues with gold accents.
EF-40 PCGS Tinges of gold and rich, pearl gray toning accent lustrous fields and sharply struck devices. Key date and a pleasing example.
EF-40   Light pastel toning over satiny fields. Sharp.
MS-62 PCGS Dazzling mint bloom and luster are toned in soft golden hues. Sharp strike. Nice eye appeal.
VF-30   Key date. Toned in rich pearl gray hues over sharp motifs.
MS-66-CAC PCGS CAC stickered. Dazzling white luster over satiny smooth surfaces. Sharp strike. Wow, what a gorgeous piece!
MS-65-FB PCGS FB. More difficult to locate than one would think. This creamy, satiny smooth example is graced by champagne gold toning and exhibits bold design details. Pleasing.
MS-68-FB PCGS FB. Exceedingly rare in this lofty state of preservation with just 3 pieces at PCGS and 1 NGC coin for the grade. Pretty fiery orange toning accents highly lustrous fields. Keenly struck motifs. Flashy and choice! From the Cambridge Cabinet.
PR-67-CAC PCGS CAC stickered. Scattered amber and gold toning grace immaculate, deeply mirrored fields.
PR-67-CAC PCGS CAC stickered. Resplendent with heavily frosted motifs. Great strike.
PR-66 PCGS Dazzling brilliance.
PR-67 PCGS Deeply mirrored fields are immaculate and surround sharp devices. White.
PR-67 PCGS Frosty, white motifs. Deeply mirrored fields.
AU-58 PCGS Original, lustrous and frosty. Keenly struck design elements. A nice example of this popular overdate issue.
AU-58-CAC NGC CAC stickered. A lovely, lustrous, well struck example of this popular overdate issue. Wisps of light gold toning add to the overall eye appeal.
AU-55-FB PCGS FB. Scarce and desirable overdate issue. Frosty luster is blast white and accents satiny fields and crisp design elements. Sure to please.