AU-50 PCGS C-10 Cr 4 Stems. Satiny fields are enhanced by warm brown color. Well struck motifs. Pleasing type set addition.
AU-55 PCGS C-1. Wow, what a gorgeous example of the issue with a far better than average strike. Glossy, warm brown fields are clean and mark-free. Highly lustrous and choice. Sure to delight the new owner.
AU-58 PCGS C-6. Slightly rotated reverse. Lovely cartwheel luster over satiny fields. Keenly struck design elements. Perfect for the grade and sure to please.
VG-10 ANACS C-2. 12 Stars. Nicely preserved. Popular variety. Rich chocolate brown color. From the Guilford Collection.
EF-45 PCGS C-1. Nice type set addition. Soft brown fields surround sharp motifs.
MS-64-BN NGC C-1. BN. Tinges of ice blue and faded mint red accent gorgeous, satiny smooth fields exhibiting a ton of mint bloom and luster. Wow, what a beautiful piece! From the Guilford Collection.
MS-64-BN NGC C-1. BN. Razor sharp devices are surrounded by highly lustrous fields graced by wisps of iridescent overtones. Great eye appeal. From the Guilford Collection.
MS-64-BN PCGS C-1.BN. Ice blue toning graces glossy, soft brown fields. Highly lustrous and eye appealing. Well struck.