EF-40 PCGS JR-11 R-3 Sm O. Well struck devices are surrounded by lustrous fields. Toned in steel gray hues. Original and choice.
VG-10 PCGS JR-5 Lg Date. Extremely clean and choice fields surround sharply defined motifs. Nice.
VG-8 PCGS JR-7. Soft gray color. Choice surfaces. Nice.
AG-3 PCGS The cat's meow of the series and desirable in any grade. This example is very pleasing for the grade with a bold date and central motifs. Wear is present around the border. Toned in soft gray hues.
MS-63 PCGS JR-3 Lg Es. Satiny mint bloom and luster grace well preserved fields. Well defined devices. Wisps of champagne gold toning accent the fields. So choice and pretty.
VF-30 NGC Frosty fields are toned in the prettiest iridescent hues peripherally and it creates a lovely contrast with the frosty centers. Sharp motifs. Some scattered tick marks are noted for accuracy.
VF-30 PCGS JR-2. Nice design detail remains. Lightly toned. Some scattered marks are noted on the obverse for accuracy.
VF-20 PCGS JR-6. A nice type set addition. Sharp devices are surrounded by soft gray fields. Pleasing.
VF-30 PCGS JR-7. Traces of luster in protected areas. Pretty ice blue and gold toning grace sharp devices. A pleasing type set addition.
MS-61-CAC PCGS JR-3 R-4 Small 10C. CAC Stickered. Full mint bloom and frost are toned in rich steel gray and gold hues. Superb strike. Really choice.
MS-63 PCGS JR-2 Lg 10c. Pretty and vibrant rose and lilac and fiery orange toning grace satiny fields, and frosty, sharply defined motifs.
F-15 PCGS JR-4. Even pearl gray toning is present over well preserved fields and devices.