AU-50-CAC PCGS No Drapery. CAC stickered. Original, pearl gray fields are graced with tinges of iridescent toning. Well struck.
AU-55 PCGS ND Small Stars. Blazing brilliance over frosty, satinlike fields. Sharp motifs. Scarce
AU-55 PCGS No Drapery Large Stars. Pretty iridescent toning accents well struck, heavily frosted motifs. Lustrous and eye appealing.
EF-45-CAC PCGS No Drapery. CAC stickered. Blushes of golden toning accent well defined motifs and satiny fields.
EF-40-DET PCGS WD. Environmental damage in the fields. Sharp motifs. Toned in gunmetal blue and steel gray hues. A tough date in any grade.
VF-30 PCGS V-4. Well struck and preserved. Tinges of luster are present in protected areas. Better date.
AU-55 NGC Clean, lustrous fields surround well defined design details. Toned in pretty pastel rainbow hues. The series key and an eye appealing, attractive example that is sure to please the new owner. Pop of 3 for the grade at PCGS and 4 at NGC.
EF-45   V-4 Sm O. Scarce. Toned in rainbow iridescent hues over sharp motifs and lustrous fields. Some scattered marks are noted.
EF-40 PCGS Arrows. Rich pearl gray and gold toning grace lustrous fields.
MS-63 PCGS Arrows. Blazing luster and brilliance. Sharp strike. White.
AU-55 PCGS Arrows. Lovely golden toning accents frosty luster and sharp motifs. Pretty.
PR-63-CAC PCGS CAC stickered. Housed in an old green PCGS holder. Fiery orang and gold toning highlights accent highly reflective and nicely preserved surfaces. Sharp strike.
AU-58 NGC Important overdate in the series. Sharply struck. Original, with pretty, pearl gray, gold and ice blue toning frosty fields.
PR-64-CAC PCGS CAC stickered. Popular Civil War date. Resplendent surfaces are toned in rich electric blue, gold and pale orange overtones. Sharp devices are enhanced by mint frost.
AU-58 PCGS Scarce issue. Blazing brilliance and frost over reflective fields. One of only 9,275 business strikes coined this year. Outstanding strike. Wow, what a beauty.
PR-65 NGC What a beauty, with pretty pastel rainbow tones gracing mirrored fields and razor sharp, heavily frosted motifs. Lovely.
MS-64 PCGS Frosty and brilliant. Satinlike luster throughout. Bold strike.