AU-58   T-II Sharp strike. Highly lustrous.
AU-50   T-I. Woodgrain toning. Well struck.
AU-53 PCGS T-II. Highly lustrous and far above average strike for the issue. Light golden toning. Terrific quality and eye appeal.
EF-45 NGC T-II. Great strike with a 3 dimensional horn. Small mark in field below the bison. Satiny luster toned in pretty pastel overtones.
MS-65 PCGS T-II. This example is so far above average in strike from the usual mushy definition encountered on this date. The horn is three dimensional, the tail is fully split, the hair on the bison's head and shoulder are complete and the obverse is equally sharp with LIBERTY fully separated from the rim. The braid and date are bold and crisp. Flashy mint bloom and luster round out the piece. Toned in wisps of champagne gold. Housed in an old green PCGS holder. From the Tom Long Collection.
AU-50   Wisps of ice blue and pale orange toning grace satiny fields. Sharp motifs.
MS-65 PCGS Frosty mint bloom and luster are toned in pretty fiery golden orange hues. The design elements are keenly struck and the eye appeal is terrific. From the Tom Long Collection.
MS-65 PCGS PQ. Wow, what an absolutely lovely example of this issue. Razor sharp motifs are surrounded by highly lustrous, satiny smooth fields that are toned in absolutely gorgeous baby blue, rose and golden orange hues. Sure to delight the new owner. From the Tom Long Collection.
EF-40   Pearl gray fields surround bold motifs.
MS-65 PCGS Exquisitely struck motifs are enhanced by full mint bloom and frost. Blast white and problem-free with terrific eye appeal. From the Tom Long Collection.
MS-65-CAC PCGS PQ. CAC stickered. Housed in an old green PCGS holder. The current cataloguers favorite coin in the collection. This coin is drop dead gorgeous! Deep electric blue, violet orange and gold toning grace immaculate fields that have the most stunning, satinlike luster imaginable! Razor sharp devices. A prize for even the most picky collector. From the Tom Long Collection.
EF-40   Sharp strike.
MS-64-CAC PCGS CAC stickered. Just as nice as many pieces in MS-65 graded holders. This coin has, clean, mark free fields, a crisp, bold strike and satiny smooth surfaces sporting full mint frost. From the Tom Long Collection
MS-66 PCGS Exceptionally well struck devices are enhanced by fields that exhibit full mint frost. This coin is displaying some super cool, deep orange, gold and sea green toning which adds to the overall eye appeal. From the Tom Long Collection
MS-65-CAC PCGS CAC stickered. Wow, what a beauty! Satiny mint bloom and luster are present over choice surfaces. Exceptionally well struck. Toned in lovely pale golden orange hues. Lovely! From the Tom Long Collection.
EF-40   Sharp strike. Frosty luster.
MS-65 PCGS Have I mentioned strike anywhere in my descriptions of these fantastic Buffalo nickels? I thought so! This coin does not disappoint in the strike department, it is phenomenal! Razor sharp and frosty. A nice combination. Blast white. One spot is well concealed in the bison's hair and is noted for accuracy. From the Tom Long Collection.
MS-65-CAC PCGS CAC stickered. Deep, fiery orange toning graces needle sharp design elements and frosty luster. Choice. From the Tom Long Collection.
EF-45   Great strike for the issue. Light pearl gray fields are satiny smooth.
MS-64 PCGS Fully struck devices are graced by mint frost. Pretty champagne gold toning throughout. Very high end for the grade.
EF-45   Elusive issue. Nice detail. Pearl gray surfaces.
AU-58 PCGS Exceptional detail with a full rounded horn, split tail, sharp hair and braid details and a bold date and mintmark. Richly toned in pearl gray hues over frosty fields.
EF-40-+   Pretty pastel iridescence graces lustrous fields. Bold devices.
EF-45   Flashy, lustrous fields are toned in pale orange hues. Sharp details.
EF-40   Sharp design details. Better date. Toned in pearl gray hues. Splash of amber toning on the reverse.
MS-64 PCGS PQ. Housed in an old green "rattler" PCGS holder. Wisps of champagne gold toning accent frosty luster. Fully struck devices. Should be in an MS-65 grade holder. From the Tom Long Collection.
EF-40 PCGS Softly toned.
EF-40-+   Lustrous and frosty.
AU-53-CAC PCGS CAC stickered. Original, steel gray surfaces are graced by wisps of gold and fiery orange toning. Sharply struck motifs. Pleasing.
AU-55 NGC Highly lustrous and extremely attractive with fully struck design elements. Tinges of light toning add to the overall aesthetics of the coin. Scarce and highly desirable this nice. Hurry, it won't last!
VF-25 PCGS Very choice for the grade. Sharp motifs. Soft silver gray toning throughout. Key date and a pleasing example.
EF-45   Great strike. Satiny luster is toned in pearl gray hues with pale orange accents. Nice.
AU-55 PCGS PQ. Superb strike for the issue. Strong horn and full split tail. Frosty luster is toned in soft silver gray hues.
MS-64 PCGS For all you strike fanatics, don't let this coin pass you by. Wow, if you have been hunting for a fully struck 1924-D, your search is over with this great coin. Full design element details on both obverse and reverse. Richly toned in rose and pale orange hues. Frosty luster throughout. From the Tom Long Collection.
EF-45 NGC A tough date to find in the series in any grade above VF. LIBERTY is fully separated from the rim. Full horn. Sharp design details.
EF-45 NGC Satiny luster and mint bloom are present over sharp motifs. Lightly toned. Nice.
EF-40   Sharp strike.
EF-45 PCGS A perennial favorite among collectors and a key date in the series. This example is highly lustrous and extremely well struck for the issue. Toned in soft gray hues. Hurry on this great piece.
VF-25 NGC A key date in the series. This coin has pleasing, steel gray fields surrounding well defined motifs. A touch of weakness on the tip of the horn.
MS-64-CAC PCGS CAC stickered. Keenly struck motifs are enhanced by pretty deep, fiery orange overtones. Flashy luster. Really choice for the grade. From the Tom Long Collection.
MS-65 PCGS Creamy mint bloom and luster are devoid of marks and are complimented by wisps of light toning. Sharply struck. Wow, really pretty. From the Tom Long Collection.
MS-65 PCGS Frosty luster is enhanced by rose and electric blue overtones. Keenly struck. Nice aesthetic appeal. From the Tom Long Collection.
EF-45 PCGS Looks nicer than EF-45. Well struck. Lustrous.
AU-58 PCGS Frosty mint bloom. Sharp. White.
MS-65-CAC PCGS CAC stickered. Flashy mint brilliance. Highly lustrous. Crisp design details. From the Tom Long Collection.
MS-65 PCGS Housed in an old green PCGS holder. Traces of sky blue toning accent soft golden fields. Highly lustrous. Well struck. From the Tom Long Collection.
MS-62 PCGS Satiny luster. Bold strike. Lightly toned.
MS-66 PCGS Flashy luster with gorgeous soft pastel overtones. Well struck.
MS-66 PCGS Rose and gold toning graces highly lustrous fields and bold motifs.