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Well, I must say, I missed my co-workers last week! Yikes--you don't realize all they do until you are doing their jobs and yours! In any event, welcome back, Gail! Hopefully, Mike will return soon as well, and we will be back at "full strength." That introduction was my way of saying it took me a lot longer to get my west coast buying trip new purchases into stock, but alas, they are finally done!

You will find some great pieces within the pages of our website. A mouth watering 1796 Liberty Cap large cent in EF-45 PCGS; a nice offering of Liberty Seated half dimes and dimes; a gorgeous 1878 20c in PR-64CAMEO PCGS; the ever desirable 1796 Draped Bust quarter in PCGS F-12; a lovely run of middle grade Barber quarters with fresh surfaces, a 1919-D, 1919-S and 1923-S Standing Liberty quarters in PCGS AU-58 grade, key date Walkers and some terrific scarce and classic rarities in the Morgan dollar series.

There is something for everyone! Please look over the listings carefully and call Gail immediately if you see something of interest. We will have the inventory at the Baltimore Coin Show this week, so please stop by our table to take a look. We are located at Table 646. If you are placing an order via phone or email, I suggest you hurry and not wait for a picture (ask for a verbal description or an iphone image) because the coins are likely to be sold in Baltimore before we are able to get back to the office to photograph them. Just a word to the wise. . . .

Happy Hunting,

Liz Coggan

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